Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a terms used to discribe your communication with your customers. How this information is cascaded to your customers and how visitors are arriving at your website is all a part of your digital marketing strategy, which consists of these factors and more such as:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Optimisation
  • Email Marketing.

With our Internet marketing guidance we can provide your company with cost effective online marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There are 2 main types of Search Engine Optimisation: Organic and Pay-Per-Click. The Organic Search Engine Optimisation is concerned with how your site is ranked in search engines, such as Google, when someone types in keywords how you are ranked within that keyword list.

To allow your website be more easily found various factors apply. For example: how well the website is designed, the content that is contained within the website, the websites that link to your website (such as directories), what websites your site links to, an accurate XML site-map and other areas like being included in the Google map system.

The Pay-Per-Click system is a more commercial approach where a monthly fee, for example £1000, is payable and is held on your account. Every time someone clicks on your website link from the sponsored section in Google a certain fee is charged to that account.

Steam Multimedia includes within the pricing of websites a basic level of Search Engine Optimisation which includes:

  • Submitting the site to various search engines
  • Added to a selection of free web directories
  • Added to the Steam Multimedia links list
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Site-map
  • Added to the Google map system

Steam Multimedia can offer more Search Engine Optimisation on request at an extra charge.

Pay Per Click SEO

The Pay Per Click system (PPC) is a more commercial version of search engine optimisation where you are added into the sponsored links area of a search engine (such as Google). This is done through fees charged to an account for a set amount depending on how much you are willing to pay when ever someone clicks on your sponsored link.

Using Pay Per Click optimisation will not help your organic search engine optimisation. It is really only used to guarantee your position in the top area of a relevant search engine result. It is good option to use if you want to test the market in a new area as you would be quickly put up to the top of any relevant search results instead of waiting for the organic methods to be processed through.

Search Engine Marketing - SEM

Search Engine Marketing is the combination of search engine optimisation, pay per click and link building. Our search engine marketing helps your website rank higher for the keywords and key phrases your customers are searching for.

Social Media Optimisation - SMO

Social Media Optimisation is a great new way of driving new clients to your website, by creating a twitter account or facebook account and letting your clients know what has been happening within your company.

Whether you are on twitter and facebook or not, we can get you on there and manage your account so that it is always being updated and keeping your customers interested in new offer and what you are up to.

Email Marketing

These days it is rare to find someone that does not have an email address. With email marketing this allows you to get more direct contact with clients that have already used your services and promote your other goods and services. More traditional email marketing to large databases of contact emails is another approach to spreading the word.