Logo Design

We also offer a logo design service where our design team is tasked with the creation of a logo to suit and fit in with the needs of your company. A well thought out and professionally designed logo marks your company brand and helps you stand out from the rest of the crowd whilst providing that instant recognition and identification with your company.

A good logo design is a key part of company branding and for your company image. People should be able to catch just a glimpse of your logo and know what company they just saw. The design of your logo should hold the main colours of your company and help give a representation of what type of company you are. A logo does not have to be completely fixed in its colours however and a good logo should be allow for small alterations. This ensure that it is simple to incorporate into any new styles whilst retaining the same look of the main logo.

An excellent example of logos and how diverse they can be is the Pepsi logo. You may or may not know that Pepsico Ltd owns Walkers Crisps as well as the popular American snack brand Frito Lays (amongst various other companies). The Walkers Crisps logo was recently changed to more closely resemble that of the American brand, but if you look at the three logos together there are striking similarities between all of them apart from certain alterations to the colours and style (for example: the wavy line is inverted on the snack food brands).