The server system that Steam Multimedia uses to host your website is a Linux server running Apache. Your website will have a control panel where you can access information about your hosting service such as how many email accounts you have left how much server space is left to be used, how much bandwidth is being used and how far from your limits you are and if you have gone over any of your limits.

The Linux server is able to run PHP, MySQL, Javascript, XHTML, HTML, Flash and other software quite comfortably. So if you are looking for some server space to run your own website then we can accommodate you easily.

Hosting Package

At Steam Multimedia we offer a range of hosting and maintenance packages which can allow you to get your website up, online and maintained for as little as £15 per month.

Our basic hosting package and contains the following features:

  • 3 E-mail addresses
  • 150 Mb Server space
  • 1000 Mb Bandwidth per month

Do I need Hosting?

Every website requires hosting in one form or another. There are many different hosting services available and range from simple shared hosting, all the way to dedicated servers and even systems such as virtual private servers. Virtual private servers are run as software on a very fast server as opposed to the actual hardware which allows the host to run many more websites than normal due to software virtualisation.

Hosting Server

Hosting refers to where your website is being held and which server the website is stored on. Servers are located all over the world and choosing a good server location used to be an important decision since you would want a server that is physcially near the site visitors. With the advent of high speed broadband across the world, this is no longer a driving issue.

Getting Your Hosting Setup

Setting up your website on a certain hosting system involves re-directing the nameservers associated with your domain name (a setting that is changed through the company used to register the domain name). Once the nameservers have been set, all that remains is to upload the website and the content to the hosting system of your choice where it will then be publicly available.

What Steam Multimedia Offers

At Steam Multimedia we offer a comprehensive package to take care of all of your hosting requirements ranging from storage, bandwidth and all the way to SQL databases and similar. A distinct advantage of hosting with Steam Multimedia, aside from the included maintenance package time, is that if any problems do occur with your website then Steam Multimedia are your one stop shop for technical issues. Additionally, not all hosts are the same and some offer limited or otherwise inferior services (i.e. limited support for scripting languages).