Content Managed Website

The Content Management System approach to websites separates the design from the data and allows you to change and edit content on your website without impacting the design. For example, if you wanted to make changes to your copy then it is possible to do so in real time. This means that any changes you make to the content are instantly made live on the website.

Steam Multimedia can offer restricted levels of control within the Content Management System where certain accounts can update simple levels of your website such as the text and images to higher levels that could create a completely new page. Content Management Systems, if used correctly, can be very effective and help improve the speed that your website is maintained.

A content managed approach helps to lower the running and maintenance costs of your website since the Content Management System allows you to dynamically update areas of the website yourself making it easier and cheaper to maintain. No more paying out maintenance fees for updating your copy or adding in a simple image.

Steam Multimedia offers training on the Content Management System which will help you understand how it works and how to update it.

What is CMS?

Content Management Systems (CMS) is a type of computer software (in the case of websites most commonly web browser based) which is use to edit, manage, create and publish content in a simple way. They are most suitable for clients who require regular updates to their websites, for example adding items to a shopping cart or changing prices.

A CMS allows an authorised user, whether the site owner or an employee, to access the content on the website and update it. Additionally, various restrictions can be placed on the access levels granted by the CMS and would allow, for example, locking of textual content but allowing graphics and images to be updated.

Do I need CMS?

Whilst content management systems allow easier updates and modifications to frequently changing content such as text or images become simpler to perform, there is a question of need to be answered.

Creating a bespoke content management system adds a lot of value to any website since it empowers the client to change content at will. However, there is the question of need which seeks to find out how often the client requires updates to be performed and whether or not the client would be better off using one of the maintenance packages instead of having an expensive CMS put into place.