Browser Software

Steam Multimedia is able to offer browser based software to clients. Browser based software differs from a normal website in a way as it is more used on your company intranet rather than being publicly accessible via the Internet. However it is entirely possible, through the use of login sections, to make this kind of application available for employees in the field through an Internet connection.

Browser based software is where we build a custom application for your needs. Most commonly, the software would be linked into a database and the information within this database would be manipulated. For example, a client call sheet should provide information you need to know about when to call each client and on what day. This could pop up on the day that they needed to be called and show a red flag on client calls that are over due.

One of the big advantages of browser based software is that of requirements to actually run the program. All that is needed is any web browser client. If the computer used can run a web browser, it can therefore run the software.

Given that the fact development times are usually shorter when creating browser based applications compared to developing in a lower level language means that the software you need can often be created at a much lower cost.