Ten Tips to Increase Conversions on Landing Pages

The most important aspect of web design is landing page optimization. Your client's website is like an actual storefront. The landing page should be likened to a pop-up shop, or a stand at the farmers' market. The homepage is designed for people who are familiar with the brand and URL. The landing page is designed for paid traffic or marketing campaigns.

The landing page serves a different purpose from the home page. The landing page is often the first point of contact for potential customers. It gives them a taste of what the store has to offer and invites them to explore more. A landing page's purpose is to encourage visitors to take action, such as to download an ebook or order a sample pack.

Visitors can form opinions about landing pages in only 0.05 seconds. You must communicate value as quickly as possible to your viewers. You could lose potential customers if you don't.

This article will discuss 10 ways to optimize your client’s landing page for conversion. It will also leave a strong impression about their brand and products.

1. Know the users of your client

Optimize a landingpage so you can consider the motivations, wants, and frustrations your clients.

User-centered design is a term that refers to thinking like a customer and adapting content across touchpoints to meet the customer's needs.

Knowing your customers will allow you to design and tailor copy to their needs. Customers will convert more if they feel that the products solve their problems or meet their needs.

Understanding customers and applying user-centered design should be part of your marketing strategy.

Personas are a way to keep your target audience in mind when designing. Personas are a snapshot of your ideal customer, including information about their age, language, income and goals.

Talking to customers is the best way to create personas that are realistic. You can learn about their problems and how they solve them. What is the reason this 30-year-old entrepreneur looks for a backpack? What keyword will they use to search for the item online? What are their requirements for this product? What factors influence customer purchase decisions?

Personas make it easier to envision what customers want and what they need on a landing page.

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2. Use a benefit-oriented headline

Landing page testing is a big part of getting the headline right. This is because people tend to focus on the headline when they visit landing pages.

The headline often refers to the product or features of the product, such as 'durable leather goods or dots grid notebooks'. These headlines are not feature-oriented and do not inform the user about the benefits of the product or how important it is to their life.

A benefit-oriented headline focuses on the awesome person/home/atmosphere that the user will have or become once they own the product.

Jakub Linowski (a conversion coach) ran a test with a benefit-oriented headline. It was more powerful than a regular headline.

The results?

The benefit-oriented headline boosted the conversion rate by 4.3% . For TOP digital marketing agency this result can be much higher.

When optimizing landing pages, think about the value the user receives. Prospects will convert more easily if they are told what it is for them than just about the company or their products.

3. Make sure to write clear, relevant content

A landing page can be more than just a product detail or product listing page. The content is one of the most important elements in a landingpage.

It should address the following questions:

  • Is this the site that has what I'm looking for?
  • Are there enough details?
  • Can I trust this website?
  • How long does this take?
  • Is there a policy of return?

When you think about landing page testing, remember that the best way to create effective content is to use exactly the words your prospects are searching for or saying. This will allow you to tailor your content to their needs and goals.

My mentorship program landing page used exactly the words that prospects used in their application form. For example, 'get clarity during my learning process'. Your landing page will speak to users by using the words and phrases they are searching for. It will make them think that this is what they need!

"By using exact words and phrases that users are searching for, your landing pages will speak to them well and make users think, This is exactly what you need!

The landing page's conversion rate was 11.5 percent in a non-paid one-week campaign due to the clarity and relevance of the copy.

4. Real copy is the best way to design

Lorem Ipsum can be used by designers to create placeholder content for clients who are unable to provide the landing page copy. Although it may seem like this "fill in the blank" approach works, in reality actual content rarely fits in placeholders.

You can either start again with a new design, or modify the content to fit the design.

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Both are not ideal nor efficient.

It is more efficient to adopt content-first design and make content development a priority.

Lorem ipsum and actual copy vs. altered layout (Source The Next Web).

5. Concentrate on one call-to-action (CTA).

Landing page testing serves the purpose of getting visitors to take action. Although it's tempting to add bits and pieces about products, this can lead to a landing page that is too detailed.

WordStream reports that 48 per cent of landing pages with high conversion rates contain multiple offers . This is not the best practice. To keep prospects focused, make sure you have only one offer on each landing page.

This laser-focused landing page will convert more users by using only one call to action and eliminating all other elements competing for their attention.

Design tip The CTA color should be contrast with other pages and colors to draw attention to it, just like custom apparel company Bonfire does in their landing page.


6. Benefit-oriented CTAs

You want the CTA to be the trigger for the conversion. Therefore, you should conduct a landing page optimization audit. Similar to the reasons why the headline should be about benefits, so the CTA text must also communicate benefits.

We see all kinds of buttons on the internet like "click here" or "get access", but they don't give any context or clues as to where the link might lead. Users must guess what happens when they click here.

Instead, make CTA links and buttons more descriptive and explain why users should click them.

Compare these CTA buttons: "Get Instant Access Now" and "Read Full Essay Now". Which one is more descriptive or clearer about the actual function of the button?

The control version is easy to access the entire essay. The treatment version requires the user to take a moment to consider what they will have access to. Clear CTA copy is a great way to increase conversion rates by 39%.

7. You want the design to be eye-catching and easy to see.

Ninety four percent of users' first impressions are related to design elements. The visual design of landing pages has a significant impact on the user's first impression.

Designers who wow customers also convey a higher level of quality. Clients should seek out professional designers who can communicate brand values and products through design.

Some of the most annoying elements that lead users to leave landing pages are pop-ups and surveys. Interruptive elements that are not authorized by users can cause a negative reaction, and worsen the user experience. Landing page testing is a great way to test different designs to see what your users prefer.

"Landing page testing is a great way to test different designs to see what your users prefer.

8. Maximize the length of your content

You can have short or long landing page marketing content. You can include as little or as much content depending on the type of product your client offers. This should be tested during landing page testing.

These are some guidelines to help you determine the page's length when optimizing landing pages.

When the offer is very inexpensive, free or impulse-buy, short copy works better. These types of products require that you reduce the reader's reading time and allow them to click to buy. This type of purchase doesn't require complex thinking or a lot of obstacles.

For complex or expensive products, longer copy is better. Longer copy that includes explanations, proof and testimonials is more persuasive when rational thinking and analysis are key factors in the purchase decision.

The gist of it is that the longer the copy, the more expensive the product.

9. Use concise forms that have a minimal number of fields

According to Baymard Institute cart abandonment is caused by a long or complicated checkout process (28%) This includes long forms that users must fill out.

The more fields the visitor must fill out, the more friction that it creates and the less people will want to go through this process. Your checkout forms should ask only for the essential information, such as where to send the item and who will be paying.

Marketers often need more information to market their customers, such as their gender, favorite items, and birthdays.

This is a negative for the user experience.

Your client may not be shopping on the site to reveal their personal information. However, they can still send you an ad via social media.

Before you start creating a lengthy form, ask yourself why this information is necessary. This information is necessary now. You can always find more information later. This is a good idea to do during landing page testing.

Keep great UX in mind and not rely on people to visit the landing page for as much information.
An experiment showing how landing page conversion rates decreased when the number of fields in a form increased (Source: VentureHarbour ).

10. Make a striking masthead

An animated or moving masthead can improve landing page conversion rates by up to 86%. It may be the best way to make a strong impression on your client's products and brand in a competitive market.

The effectiveness of the marketing campaign may hinge on the target audience. Video/animation headers, for example, are not appropriate for antique products that are being sold to an elderly demographic.

You may want to use animations or videos on your landing page. First, identify the unique elements of the brand or products that cannot be easily communicated with static text or images.

Although it takes more time to create a masthead video or animation that is memorable, clients will be more likely to remember it.

Source: Tattly .

Bonus tip: Reduce page loading time

Mobile devices are becoming more popular for browsing the internet. The speed at which a page loads can have a significant impact on conversion rates.

It has been proven that 40% of users will abandon pages that take more than three seconds to load. The likelihood of a mobile user abandoning a website increases by 123 per cent when the page takes longer to load, from one to ten seconds.

Source: crazyegg .

A page that loads quickly is less likely to be abandoned by a user who gets tired of waiting and decides to close it.

You should follow these guidelines when designing a landing site for a client:

  • Compress images using tools like Kraken to optimize their size.
  • You should ensure that your website is hosted on a reliable, fast server
  • Use WebPageTest to troubleshoot and find problems

Although you might not be able solve all server problems by yourself, it is possible to bring them to your client's attention. Then, you can discuss possible solutions like hiring contractors to improve the website's performance.

Design should be user-first

When you are working on your landing page design and testing protocols, remember that the most important thing is your client's users. Not their company or products.

These 10 best practices are based on the underlying principle that it is all about the user and their experience. Your on-page optimization is key to creating high-converting Shopify landing page. Tell your user what it means for them and why they should buy your client's products. Make it easy for users to fill out forms, and make sure they understand the CTAs.

The landing page will be more memorable and relevant if you understand your clients' users and design for them. These tips will help you optimize your landing page so that users sign up for your clients' offers. Your clients will also be happier with your services.